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I've noticed a lot of people fussing about it, ever since Omniverse began. And recently there's supposedly "proof" that it's no longer part of the series because the UAF writers "didn't care about the Benlie pairing to begin with" (which I think is a bit of a stretch, but I digress).

So, upon seeing that, I had a bit of an epiphany. While I do not consider myself a shipper, I was supportive of the pairing in the beginning.

Alas... now I think otherwise.

From Ultimate Alien and on, (yes, Ultimate Alien, not OV) I no longer support Benlie.

Listen folks, while these two are fictional characters, Ben and Julie's chemistry no longer works for each other, it hasn't for a long time. I guess I say this because I highly respect Julie as a character, and I think it's VERY unfair how fans treat her as opposed to Ben and his actions.

By the way, how many love interests/crushes did he have from Alien Force and on besides her?
*checks Wikia*
Oh yeah, ABOUT SIX OR SEVEN. But CLEARLY Julie's in the wrong for dating one another guy, right? Right?

*ahem* What I'm saying is that these two were perfect in the first two seasons of Alien Force, and something went very, VERY wrong afterwards (for those of you who disagree, I'd like to direct you to the UA ep "Duped"). As many of you may have noticed Ben's behavior severely changed, making him more pompous and, apparently, unable to identify/keep up a wholesome relationship.

TL;DR version: Ladies, just ask yourself: If your boyfriend started acting like that, would you really, really want to go back to him? Wouldn't you much rather at least take some time away from each other to rethink things? I know I would. 

So, then, why are we pushing to put them back together? I'm not saying Ben/Kai would be any better, but if they became THAT unhappy as they broke up (which Ben apparently can't identify either), they'd be even worse if they were shoved back together. It just won't fix anything! 

So, yes, from then on, I can't support Benlie outside of those two seasons of Alien Force.

So now... *straps on protective gear* COME AT ME, SHIPPERS! I CAN TAKE YOUR HATE!
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Becca, Mothgirl, or Mothy X3
United States
Greetings! Mothy's the nickname! I'm a diehard Legion and Teen Titans fan no matter what!


I'm founder of the Nanomech Fanclub!…… My Fanfic accout! :la:

Fellow Legionairres

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Personal Quote: "The weirder the better"

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Redtriangle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Here is another time travel question.
Have you see a 'ripple effect' or 'butterfly effect?'

When someone goes to the past and change certain events, it ultimately change the present and future, obviously.
But the 'ripple/butterfly effect' is curious, when someone goes to the past to change tiny events, like the time traveler personal history, it affects largely between the targeted past and present.

For example, there's going to be a new movie about some kids time travel, mostly fool around: getting good grades on their tests and homeworks and win lottery money. And the next time, airplane crash and even natural disasters between the point in time they traveled to and their present even it was a short time.

Here's another one, have you seen DC Animated: "Flashpoint Paradox?" Flash saved his mother in the past but accidentally altered history: Young Brune Wayne died instead of his parents; his father became Batman and his mother the Joker, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war with each other, and Superman's ship crash landed in Metropolis and secretly raised as a government lab rat.
And Flash didn't get his super speed power.
And perhaps no Justice League.

You get what I mean?
Redtriangle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Here is a dA drawing of the Mothman. I know how much you like it. :) littlemissawesome.deviantart.c…
Redtriangle 3 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
And creep. :o

It's odd how this artist's drawings are more like cartoons and has an creepy essence in them.
General-Nicole Mar 30, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the watch and help with..I'm just gonna call it my "problem". :)
Dude, just block him. Trust me, trying to come to terms with him would be like asking the sun to go out.

:D I'm glad to help, though. You seem like a nice person :hug:
General-Nicole Mar 30, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, I know. I blocked him after him raging at me, basically, creating a 45 comment argument. I unblocked him, just because I wanted to be nice..didn't think that he'd do it again. I'll block him again.

Heh, I would've done the same, but he blocked me first after one conversation :XD: Oh look, there went all the crap I don't give about it!:icontardwaveplz:
Redtriangle Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This has been on my mind for quite a long time since the first few episodes of Season 4 of MLP.

You remember how each of the Mane 6 get 'Rainbow vision' in their eyes, obviously by the now, they are putting to the test if they are true to their Elements of Harmony.
Jesstalpaedanplz Mar 26, 2014  Student General Artist
I GOT A CAT TODAY! We adopted her from Petsmart where they have local shelter cats up for adoption-She is a beautiful jet-black cat; she's very shy and likes hiding under blankets. Her name is Banshee. 
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