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May 29, 2013
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“Okay, buddy, let’s see you take on HUMUNGOSAUR!” Ben roared in his mountainous dinosaur-like alien form, charging for the Techadon robot.  

The nearly sizable robot charged forward. It had taken down two of Ben Tennyson’s aliens so far, this one was only slightly more of a challenge. Possibly.

After some time battling, the rampaging Techadon robot was finally starting to weaken, thanks to Ben, his cousin Gwen, and enemy-turned-friend Kevin. But that wasn’t stopping the Techadon anytime soon. It continued wreaking havoc on the streets, smashing cars and scaring locals in its path. Not before Ben pile-drove him into a nearby building, of course.

“Got ‘im! Ha! Whatcha going to do now, Techadon??” Humungosaur scoffed, putting in the robot in a headlock.

“I say we crack it open, or beat the scrap out of it!” Kevin suggested, crossing his arms.

“What good will that do?” Gwen, the level-headed diplomat of the group, asked. She was the only one out of three who opposed to the hit-first-ask-later strategy of her two teammates. “It doesn’t even talk, how do you expect it to….Ben, what are you doing??”

“Trying to crack him open!” Ben apparently found Kevin’s idea to be better, and more fun. The Techadon strained as the Vaxsaurian attempted ripping its helmet-esque head off.

“Ben, you don’t know what that might do!! It might-!!” Gwen didn’t get the chance to finish her protest before the Techadon’s head was finally pried free of its body, sending out a powerful shockwave of electrical energy, sending the three alien teenagers in all directions. The shockwave shook up lower level buildings and cars around it, and as soon as it had started, it stopped.

“Ohhh, man!” Ben groaned, returned to his human form. He had been thrown into a wall, and turning back into a human just as it happened only made the pain worse. Gwen had managed to encase herself in a mana bubble, while Kevin was recovering from landing in the street. Before them, the Techadon sparked and shut down, falling forward.

“Well, problem solved!” Ben said, dusting himself off.

“Right, and it only took out a hundred foot radius of this street.” Gwen said, unamused by her cousin’s antics.

“Yeah, but no one got hurt…I think.” Ben responded as Kevin joined them.

As if on cue, a pained groan emanated from some toppled trashcans nearby.

“You were saying?” Kevin remarked.

“Excuse me, are you okay?” Gwen called out, rushing to the metal cans that had fallen on top of the supposed victim. With her mana powers, they were lifted away to reveal a young man, probably in his 20’s. He was tall, noticeably fit, and very tanned skin. He wore muddy colored green clothes and had fiery red hair with a blonde streak going straight up his part.

“Sir? Are you alright?” Gwen asked again, but louder. She kneeled next to him, trying to support his head.

Elsewhere, other pained sounds arose in the street. This caught the teenagers’ attention. “Go help them.” Gwen said, “Call 911 if someone’s really hurt!” Kevin and Ben nodded, leaving Gwen. Sure enough, there were a handful of bystanders that had been knocked out by the electric wave. Kevin helped some little kid out of a box, and Ben a formally-attired adult and a gothic looking teen.

“Mmm….huh?” The green clad stranger was waking up in Gwen’s arms.

“Sir? A-Are you okay?” Gwen asked, worriedly. “Did you hit your head? Are you wounded?”

“Head…hurts…” He reached up to feel his forehead. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open when his fingers touched his hair. “Wait, my head HURTS?” He practically leapt up from the ground, staring at his hands and his body. “W-What happened to me??” He cried in a vaguely familiar, nasally voice.

“Sir?” Gwen asked, a little freaked out by his behavior.

“Gwen…?” Kevin asked, sounding equally freaked out. The young boy in his arms was struggling with him, becoming tangled in the pure white hoodie he was wearing.

“Put me down!!” he demanded. He sounded odd…as though his voice were robotic!

“My wings! Where are they??” The gothic teen standing with Ben panicked, tugging at his deep blue jacket.

“You’re clearly lacking them!” The older looking man with him pointed out, his voice tinged with a British accent, all the while staring at his hands.

In the area affected by the electrical blast, more concerned voices arose. Six more, to be exact, all in oddly colored but somehow familiar color schemes.

“This is getting really weird…” Ben said, joining the concerned looking Gwen and Kevin, watching these strangers babble frantically about changing and missing things.

Suddenly, the green clothed red head caught sight of Ben’s left wrist.

“The Omnitrix!” He exclaimed, with widening amber eyes. He launched himself at Ben, grabbing him by the shoulders. Ben reached to activate the Omnitrix, but the crazed stranger stopped him. “I know you!”

“How so?” Ben demanded.

“B-Because…I think I am you! Not as I am now, of course…I’m a Methanosian…I’m the one you call Swampfire!”

This was going to be a FanFiction-only story...but I'm in a story writing craze, so why not?

^^; I apologize for the terrible fight scene. I needed something that would give off a big electrical impulse. So I said to myself, "Mothy, when in doubt of writing something for a Ben 10 story.....get Ben and Kevin to beat the crap out of whatever it is in need of beating!!" :mwahaha:

*ahem* ^^;

I'm actually writing this as an AU/continuation of my friend :iconaquaria-identity-07:'s story "It's the Teen Life!", based on the original series. I liked it so much that I asked to continue such a story from an Alien Force perspective. :la:

Albeit these first few chapters are starting off a wee bit slow, the action and explanation behind this phenomena will come, I assure you :iconbiggrinplz:

Ben 10 and all related material (c) Man of Action
Story (c) Myself
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TheDocRoach Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm liking gothic Chill even more :iconhurrplz: Human Swampy sounds handsome and the only picture I get from Human Brainstorm is Mr. Herriman :XD:

:) Really liking this start! No onto reading the next!!! :iconcatlaplz:
Mothy67 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
X3 I'm glad you like him X33
:XD: I hope so. I'd like to keep him likable :3

XD Mr. Herriman? Hm, perhaps, but without the mustache.

Thanks! :la:
leonoriel Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my! I like this, quite interesting. Does this mean there's a Heatblast, a Humungassaur and a XLR8? *-* Oh my I like it. Though I think Big Chill should be a girl :P he was a mommy in one of the episodes.
Mothy67 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Interesting? Thank you! :D

:XD: Unfortunately, no, Heatblast and XLR8 aren't in this one, but if you check out my friend's story that mine is based after [link] There is :D

:XD: Despite Big Chill's asexuality (pretty much having no gender at all), he is a male for now, like all the other aliens-turned-humans. However, I will be hinting at "Save the Last Dance" later ;)
XLR8E Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
lol now Swampfire sounds hot. :la:
Mothy67 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
XLR8E Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Mothy67 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
:XD: It wasn't intentional, but okay X3
XLR8E Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student General Artist
no wonder I'm nutty.
Mothy67 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
X33 I think I made it sound a bit fanservice-y though.
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